The final guest to tackle the Fresh Talent questions is Ross McCormack.

Ross McCormack, representing Essex, is an allrounder. DJ, producer, actor, marathon runner. When he’s not starring in films like Mum’s List or on our TV screens in Eastenders, he’s DJing in some of London’s biggest clubs and recently became a member of the Casa Ldn family, an underground, tech-house event management team.

From the brief time talking with Ross, it became apparent that his answer for what he is most likely to do is completely true. He spoke of how he cannot stop himself from asking bizarre questions. At one point, while staring out the window, he looks up and asks “Do pigeons have ears?”. He also confessed to his hatred of maths and numbers, “working on a bar kills me inside. If I don’t have the till to tell me what the change is, I panic. The only numbers I can handle are BPMs and counting to 4!”.

Whilst chatting about school, he laughs about his first business venture selling sweets and crisps on the playground at lunchtime. “I used to hop from group to group in school. I never really had only one group of mates, but this worked in my favour for selling stuff. I’d walk around playing music out loud and making money by selling packets of Haribo”.

Unlike the music scenes in St Albans and Norwich, Ross voices his opinion that Essex is great if you are looking for a drunk night out, however, the music is extremely generic, so if you want to DJ anything not in the charts it’s ideal that Essex is so close to London.

London is where he has made a name for himself, playing at most of the iconic venues, including Fabric, which he recalls as his favourite gig. “While Fabric was shut I was grateful that I was able to play before it was no more. That said, I’m relieved that has reopened because there is nowhere else quite like it, not just in London, but in the world”.

On the other side, we talk about a gig he played in Brixton early on, where he was told it would be techno and house night, but when he turned up, it was all bashment and Afrobeat DJ’s, which made him stick out like a sore thumb, and he admits the audience were not impressed.

His five-year plan is just to keep on writing music he enjoys and hopefully getting the opportunity to release some EPs through record labels he has been a fan of since he was selling sweets on the playground. He also dreams of playing more shows abroad, after experiencing playing in Ibiza last summer.

You can see what Ross is up to on his Facebook, and listen to his music and mixes on Soundcloud.


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