In the first of three Fresh Talent profiles, find out more about St Albans newcomers, TV Coma.


St Albans is known for producing some of the UK’s finest talent, ranging from DIY God’s Enter Shikari, to the 60s psych-pop group The Zombies. Four guys representing their local scene right now are TV Coma, forming November last year, the brother frontmen, Leo and Max Troy exploded into people’s periphery with their debut single, ‘Jobber’. The upbeat, catchy tune stays in your head for months on end, even if you are not a WWE fan, and it has got listeners excited for their first EP, ‘Life is But a Meme’.

The brothers sat down and answered some quick questions about themselves and the St Albans scene. Leo apologises for the relentless sarcasm throughout.

When asked what they are most likely to do, they both agreed that they do stuff to make people’s ears happy. Whether that is the music they write or the short amusing videos they regularly upload on their Instagram. Another thing you can see from their Instagram is what they said they are least likely to do. Wear plain shirts. They say that the juxtaposition of playing loud, indie punk, while wearing bright, garish shirts is something they found amusing, to begin with, but now they say that audiences at shows pay more attention, and having a strange form of uniform makes them look professional, even though they emphasise they are far from professional.

Finding out about their younger selves, they say that at school they could never imagine themselves wearing floral shirts, instead going for hiding knock off Senses Fail wristbands under their uniforms, and hiding reclusively while praying to the almighty emo Kings, My Chemical Romance. Also when talking about what they would tell their younger selves, Leo instantly said “don’t go to university. I spent far too much time out of lectures not doing any work, and now I’ve realised that having bong skills will not earn me millions”.

Talking about their live show, they say that the St Albans scene is “small, yet powerful, like Danny DeVito in his prime”, which gives them an advantage as they have both been in bands before, meaning promoters have wanted to get TV Coma to play shows since they formed. They joke and say that they have never had a good show, but then shamelessly say that they put on the best show north of London and that it should not be missed.

This form of wit is continued when Leo speaks of their five-year plan. He says “we plan to release four 10/10 EPs with thinly veiled political lyrics, a Netflix doc about our alcoholism, because obviously these days the music is secondary, and then by 2020, a Glastonbury headline slot consisting entirely of hostile arm movements and high-pitched shrieking.”

If you want to find out more about the guys and pre-order their EP, ‘Life is But a Meme’, you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp.


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